Thursday, August 16, 2018

Girl, Clean Your Car

Okay, folks. It's the time of year again... the time when we're all getting our crap together.

The school supplies are organized. The clothes are clean and neatly in drawers ready to be lived in by your tribes. The groceries are stocked and the meals are planned and you, my friend, are ready for another fabulous school year. Well, maybe... but anyway, as I got into my planning and organizing for our school year, I was feeling pretty good about my efforts until that is... I got into my mini van. As I slid open the door for my little savages  children to get in, my awesomeness balloon literally deflated right in my face. I can't even begin to describe to you the disgust that shot through my entire body as I took in the sights and smells (I know, ewww). Do you know the definition of disgust? I just looked it up and it really fits perfect. The definition reads, "a feeling of revulsion or profound disapproval aroused by something unpleasant or offensive." And friends, it was certainly offensive and possibly hazardous to our health.

Our family spends most mornings and early afternoons getting edubacated (yes, we homeschool and yes, I spelled that wrong on purpose -- it's a joke, people). By 4pm almost everyday we are in our van and headed to our dance studio. Now, I want you to know, I love our vehicle. I carry no shame in my minivan game. When my oldest was 3 (7 years ago) Matt and I purchased it with cash money that we had been saving up for 3 years!!! In fact, I blogged about it WAY back then and you can read about it here.

These days we spend a lot of time in that silver bullet and we really like the van we have. It's got plenty of space for all of my crazies children and all of the necessities that come with us... AND it has cup holders on tap! Who doesn't need 15 cup holders???? Haters gonna hate but I'm gonna keep riding into the sunset in my sweet minivan, but... I digress.

The point of this blog is to share with you how freaking gross our van had gotten, why it was basically my own fault, how we are putting an end to that atrociousness in the Sanders Fam and to challenge you clean your vehicle (and to keep it that way too).

After, spending 2 hours cleaning out aka throwing trash, shoes, clothes, toys, books and other nastyness out the window all the while huffing under my breath, looking like a mad women, I finally had a van that would be presentable to take to a car wash, but nope! I decided I had let it get this way by allowing my wild beasts children to destroy our family car and now I would be the one putting in the work to restore it back to a place of joy upon entering. Now, let me say this, usually when we clean the van out it's a team effort. We all contributed to the mess, we will all contribute to the clean up, but this time... I knew I wanted to do a REALLY REALLY good job therefore, I needed it to have my undivided attention. After another hour of vacuuming and wiping and spraying and hosing down, we finally had a presentable, comfortable and clean van. I bought 2 little trashcans. One, I bungee corded it to the middle console and the other I placed in the back row so the amazingly awesome children I have could put their trash in it's proper place. I thought about banning food in the van after the icky amount crumbs I discovered while cleaning but we live in our van. The truth is, we WILL be eating in our van, taking that away would only make my life harder so that meant we needed a place to put the wrappers and cups and straws and sporks. I also put two tubberware drawers with plastic bags and other supplies we need or use and a cute basket to keep things like umbrellas and running clothes (bc just incase).

Now... we've cleaned our van out many a times only to find ourselves back to driving around in a dumpster within a week. How then are we going to break this rut of filth?? Well, let me tell you. I'm trying this new thing where I actually keep promises I make to myself (I'm reading, Girl Wash Your Face and personally want to thank Rachel Hollis for the motivation). I've come to the conclusion that it is possible to keep my van clean but it's going to take some work on my part.

We called a family meeting. Talked about keeping promises and discussed how it important it is to me that we keep our van clean. The kids all agreed to work hard and do their part in taking out things they bring in, throwing trash in the garbage cans provided. We're almost 3 weeks in (this is a long time in the clean minivan game) and the van is still clean!! Yes, we will still have do some monthly maintenance like vacuuming and changing out the trash, but we are doing a fantastic job of keeping our word and keeping our family vehicle clean and I'm so proud of us.

I've also given my husband (who keeps his car immaculate and always has because you never know when you're going to have to give your boss a ride) permission to do a van cleanliness check whenever he wants to. This means at any point he can check the van and proceed to post his findings on social media. He might find some pleasure in this too because he does not approve of a messy vehicle!

So that's my challenge to you! Clean your car, come up with a plan to keep it clean, follow through and enjoy it!

If you're already a "clean car" person, good for you. I apologize that you've now wasted your time learning about how disgusting my minivan has been for the last 7 years. I would however, like to assure you I excel in a lot of other areas!  In fact, I'm annoyingly organized and I actually enjoy doing laundry (I know I'm a real weirdo, but I wear my weirdness with pride, ya'll)!

Cheers and happy cleaning!!

(You have no idea the amount of random stuff I found. I also found 37 pens and pencils as well as over $10 in change.)
    My Cute Little Trash Can       
My Clean Trunk
Ain't She a Beut? The Van, I mean!

Peace and love and all the good stuff to you! 


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Meet Hannah

I’m writing this blog post mostly because no one else has.

When I see a story that needs to be shared, my mind literally won’t rest until it has unloaded the good stuff, the truth, the missed amazing and inspiring story that everyone sort of knows or thinks they know, but really has no idea about.

If you know me, you know I’m a follower of Christ and that I believe what we do while we’re on this planet matters. We each have a story and we’re writing it each day with our choices and our actions. I believe our stories are one part of God’s grand story.

This is one of those stories and I’m sharing it with you, because I think the world needs to know more… more of the details, more of what people miss when they tell it. I’m posting this because I think you need to know just how awesome and truly inspiring my soon to be sister-in-law really is. I believe her story can play a role in changing someone’s life, in helping someone see that they really can live their dreams if they’re willing to put in the work, ignore the haters and push through the hard stuff. I believe her story can help so many people wake up and stop making excuses for all the reasons they can’t succeed at their goals and dreams.

Call it biased if you want, but I’m not one to sugar coat. I’ve had a front row seat to her story for the last 4 years… to all of it… the good, the bad, the ugly, the hard work, the dedication, the tenacity, the highs, the lows, the weight cuts, the banana pudding, the trying, the fun and everything in-between. I mean, I literally was in the room when she gave birth to Odin (her incredible little dude and my sweet nephew) almost 1 year ago. Side note: If you’ve ever been present for a birth you know it’s both a terrifying and beautiful experience all wrapped up into one event (honestly, I can’t believe I did that three times myself… go me & go every women out there raising tiny humans and thank you, Hannah for allowing me to witness the miracle of birth from a different angle)!  While, no person will ever fully grasp or understand all that she’s sacrificed to be who she is today, I’ve been a close spectator to her personal developing story. I have watched her grow and learn and love and humble herself to become the best at what she does (in every area of her life) and I am inspired.

So who is Hannah Goldy anyway?  

The following paragraphs are some of the deets of her youth and how she became a fighter. I’ll be honest, even I didn’t know some of this until I asked her and she’s fam, so you may not know either…

Hannah Goldy is a 26 year old professional fighter living in Orlando, FL with her fiancé, Alex Nicholson (a UFC Veteran currently fighting with The PFL and also my brother), Odin (their 11 month old son), Jax and Cleo (their 2 dogs) and Samson (their crazy cat).

She was born in Boston and raised in Vermont by her sweet Mama. Hannah has 1 sister and 4 brothers and is 4th in line in sibling order.

In high school she ran cross-country and track. (I had no idea, although it makes total sense now because once we ran a 5k together and I’m pretty sure she was the top finishing female while I was all like… why are there hills in this race bahahaha!) In all seriousness though it was during her time on the track that she learned a few things about mental toughness. While telling me about this season of her life she said one thing she remembers clearly was her track coach, Dave Curtis always saying, “The longest/hardest part of any race will always be the 7 inches between your ears.” A true statement for runners and little did she know at this time in her life… for MMA fighters too.

Hannah graduated high school at 17 and immediately began traveling. She found herself in California, New Zealand and New York City before settling in Clearwater, Florida. It was in New York City that she took her first cardio kickboxing class and became hooked on the sport. Once Hannah moved to Clearwater she immediately began training at a UFC Gym there. After training for only a month (um yeah she was ready to punch a sista in the face), Hannah took her first amateur boxing match where the corner man opposite hers was a young, up and coming fighter named Alex. Hannah went on to win that match and Alex later went on to win her heart. In fact, it was around this time almost 4 years ago that he brought her home to meet my hubs, my kiddos and me (thank you Facebook for the memories).

Hannah and Alex lived and trained in Clearwater for a year and a half before an injury sustained during training brought them to Orlando. We were talking about this time in their lives the other day and as she was describing it, I remember just how crazy life was for them back then. Most people don’t understand the commitment she and Alex have made over the years, the sacrifices financially, mentally, socially and physically they have made to get to the place they are today. During this time, Alex won one of the biggest fights in his career, gaining him notoriety and a contract with the UFC. He also walked away from that fight with a broken jaw which required surgery and ended up with his mouth wired shut for 8 weeks. Shortly after that, Hannah found herself in a similar situation. She was doing well, working hard and unexpectedly found her self injured too. When fighters are injured during training there are so many questions running through their minds and choices to be made quickly. Will this heal on it’s own? Should I fight injured? Can I even afford an x-ray? For Hannah, the choice was clear, due to the nature of the injury, surgery was inevitable and there would be no fighting for her in the months ahead. The two were in this together though, two fighters with dreams, supporting each other and experiencing the highs and the lows along the way.

Hannah went on to have 9 amateur fights and after having much success became a professional on March 11, 2016.

As a pro she’s 2-0 with one of those wins against current UFC fighter, Gillian Robertson.  While 2 bouts in 2 years isn’t the norm for most fighters, it’s not been easy to find her opponents, just talk to any promoter. No one wants to fight the Queen of Sparta and for good reason. Hannah also spent most of 2017 growing a tiny human, taking her off the fight scene for almost a year, but this is really one of my favorite parts of Hannah’s story.

Let me say this first though before I get into the really good parts, being in the public eye isn’t easy. The second your name has a blue checkmark next to it on instagram and twitter you have a target on your back. The media isn’t quick to share the good stuff and please remember there are always two sides to every story. There are keyboard warriors around every corner and people ready to tear you down based off of false reports, misinformation, assumptions and just plain hate. Turns out Taylor Swift had it right, “haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate hate,” and out there in the world of mma fans and news and comments and trolls some people sure know how to take their hate next level. Can I just say right now, you cannot believe everything you read UNLESS you’re getting your information directly from the source. Nothing has come easy for Hannah and Alex. Everything they have together they have because they have decided no amount of bad press, judgment, hate, untrue rumors or nasty posts were going to stop them from living their dreams and making a beautiful life together. There were bad moments and hard days, but for Hannah those were all part of her journey to becoming the women she is today. Her circle of supporters and people that love her unconditionally are unmatched. Her team and her coaches including her soon to be father-in-law also my daddy, Mark Nicholson, are world class. He knows a warrior when he sees one and from day 1, he knew she was the real deal.

Hannah handled her pregnancy like a champ. She trained as any professional athlete does right up until the day Odin was born. (Of course, under the care of her doctor… and if you don’t know why I added that, you don’t know the Internet.) I highly recommend you follow her on instagram here and go back through her videos to see how she carried on her training throughout pregnancy. Funny side story: Hannah always invites me to take class with her and I took it upon myself to say yes when she was 9 months pregnant because well… I could maybe keep up since I wasn’t 9 months pregnant or pregnant at all for that matter. By the end of class, you know, when it’s about time to do core work, everyone including myself was face to the mat dreading life pretending like the instructor wasn’t yelling at us to plank, but not Hannah she was up planking like the champ she is, pregnant belly down, arms locked, and no complaints coming from her (other than maybe the fact that she was still pregnant, ha).

Throughout her pregnancy, she also continued to travel and corner Alex, even traveling internationally just a few weeks before she went into labor (also, under the care of a doctor, for those of you wondering… and I know you are wondering).

Before Odin was born Hannah set a goal. She wanted to fight when Odin was 6 months old and as you can see, she never lost site of that goal.

On June 27, a sweet baby boy entered the world forever changing Hannah’s world. She now more than ever had a reason to do what she did. It all became for him.

Guys, I’ve watched a lot of people become a mama but I have never witnessed anyone fall into motherhood with as much grace as she did.

Hannah is completely committed to her family and yet also able to balance everything else in her life, beautifully. Can I just tell you all that almost a year later she’s still breastfeeding?! I know that some of you out there might be thinking that’s TMI, well no it isn’t, it’s amazing and incredible and you needed to know. I mean seriously, over the course of the last 11 months she birthed a human, got right back to training, traveled with Odin to corner Alex in 6 fights all over the United States, fought and won her second professional fight when Odin was just 7 months old and will now be stepping back into the ring this week just 8 days shy of her son’s first birthday.

I would also be robbing her story if I didn’t mention the attention she has put into bettering the person she is on the inside while improving the person she is in the ring. I’m a pastor’s wife. I see life change a lot, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone recognize their need for God, humble themselves and begin their life long walk with the Lord quite like Hannah did. Honestly, it was just such a “real” journey. She had questions, she found answers and she chose to begin a personal relationship with God. Let’s be clear here too… no one is claiming perfection, as no Christian should, she has simply recognized that it all comes from God and isn’t afraid to tell the world that. She’d be the first one to tell you that God has played a huge part in the direction in which her life has gone, that His plans are better and that once you realize it, your life will never be the same. Her baptism was one of the most special I’ve ever been present for… maybe because I prayed for it, maybe because she’s family, but I truly believe part of it was because it was such a natural and beautiful process. Just like motherhood, she entered into a relationship with Christ so gracefully.

People ask her all the time how she manages to do it all and she always tell them if you put your mind to it, you could do it too. It’s all about what you’re committed to. There’s a video on her instagram from back in February of her at cross fit training with Odin strapped to her back and the photo is captioned, “You’ll find a way or you’ll find an excuse,” and isn’t that the truth? After Odin’s birth she had every right to say, “I’m done, I’m a mom now or I just had a baby,” but instead she took the excuses she could’ve used and turned them into a reason not to quit and boiiiiiii, did she ever not quit.

I asked her yesterday what the hardest part about being a mom and a professional athlete is. She said, “the time she puts into training could be time spent with Odin,” but she also said, “that’s what motivates me to make that time count.”

Hannah, you inspire me.

Your story isn’t over and there will still be ups and downs and highs and lows, but I know that nothing is going to get in the way of you living your best life. No matter where your career takes you or should I say, where you take your career, just know how proud of you I am and how inspiring you are and have been to so many along the way.

Win or lose you know I’m always in your corner.

I’ll always be the one waiting with the banana pudding.

It’s your time and I can’t wait to watch you shine!

Monday, December 11, 2017

I'm Back... to Blogging & Facebook

So I decided to give Facebook a break almost a month ago. Well, jokes on me because it's just about impossible to completely give it up these days. No, I'm not an addict, but I'm starting to see it's kind of the way of the world these days.

Within a few days of saying peace, I had to get on to check an address for birthday party because the invite came via Facebook (and there's really nothing wrong with that either because let's be honest, it's free and easy and people always be checking their Facebook feeds, haha). Then I had to get on because someone needed a picture that I had posted a while back and I didn't have it on my phone but guess where I could find it? Yep, that's right... my mobile uploads to Facebook. That actually happened a bunch of times. Also, my brother got a last minute fight and the only way we could watch it was, you guessed it, via Facebook of course. (Side note, I don't watch his fights live. I pray while he fights and watch after, but I did watch after because he won, first round KO, woot woot!) There was also the occasional text that said, "hey did you check your messages because I sent you a message." Yep, so at that point, I started thinking to myself, "what if someone that doesn't have my number messages me and it's important?" I then decided I should just start checking my messages daily (because just in case, right?).

The crazy thing is taking a "Facebook break" actually became more of a pain than the break I was seeking. I left for all of the normal reasons like being sick of all of the politics, the ridiculous videos, the horribly sad news and the time wasting articles that make every parent feel like a failure. Not to mention all of the suggested ads that I literally can't stand!

The truth is, I did need a break from all of the unnecessary stuff that fills my news feed... all of it. I think too I've realized during my "sort of" time away that my biggest problem with social media is the fact that we can't all just agree to disagree on topics that are simply opinions. It makes me crazy.

We all have passions and convictions and I'm completely for that because trust me, I have my own (and you may not like them), but I'm not over here forcing them down your throat or trying to convince you to see it my way. I'm also not calling you terrible names if you decide not to agree with me or wishing you a horrible fate because we don't agree. There are so many hot topics out there and while speaking our minds is not a bad thing, hate is not okay neither is shaming and unfortunately disagreeing on these hot topics often goes down that road.

I will be the first one to admit, I love a good debate. In college, I LOVED Debate class and pretty much everyone in my Debate class hated me because I was so awesome at it. At the end of any good debate though, I could shake that person's hand and say good job because while we might have been getting heated on our topic, at the end of the day I always knew that person mattered way more than their opinion on farm fresh eggs vs grocery store eggs. (No, that was never actually one of my debates. Our topics were always so much more intense and touchy and 14 years ago, no one debated that, but I felt the need inject something light hearted here.)

If you're still reading this I just want to challenge you to think long and hard about what you are passionate about and how you choose to share your passions, but I also want you to think about the people in your lives or on your social media pages. Decide if shoving your opinions down some one's "Facebook feed throat" is going to make them side with you on any topic anyway. Love is the answer to sharing your heart and sometimes being able to agree to disagree is the only way to keep loving. Sometimes taking it a step further and NOT posting on Facebook but having an actual conversation is the way to go too. My mom and I sometimes disagree on some pretty big hot-button issues, but I freaking love my mom. Sometimes we have have LONG drawn out conversations where we state our cases and stick to our guns but ultimately have to agree to disagree because that's how relationships work. You won't always agree on everything but people are way more important than opinions (even the ones you're really really passionate about).

It's just become really hard for me to accept that we pretty much live in a world where you're considered an evil person if you don't agree with the masses. I'm all over here on team, "You Do You."

One of the biggest examples of this right now in my life is the topic of homeschooling. Yes, we homeschool and we have our reasons, but I'm not anti "whatever school anyone else chooses is best for their family." Remember, I'm on team, "You Do You," because I'm sure you have a lot of good reasons why you choose what you choose but I'm also on team, "Stop Judging Everyone That Doesn't Do What You Do." I'm also on team, "Stop Hiding Behind Your Facebook To Shame People Into Siding With Your Views On Everything In Life."

Okay rant over but on a less serious note, I did get a lot done while I was on a "sort of" break from Facebook. I read 6 books. All of them pretty sizable too! I found the bottom of the laundry pile and for 3 sweet hours there was literally zero laundry in any hamper, on any bathroom floor, behind any bedroom door or hiding in the trunk of my minivan! I also decided that it might be time to start writing again so I edited a blog post that I wrote at the end of last year (that I haven't been ready to share), logged into my old blogger account and got the blog itch all over again.

So here I am. Back on Facebook and back to blogging.

Cheers to social media, Y'all, without it I couldn't share this blog post and a big cheers to agreeing to disagreeing, because in the end... Love really does win.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Third Time's a Charm...

Written June 26, 2013. Posted 3 years & 5 months later. Oooops.

Hello, old friend! I sure do miss you, but this mama has been so busy being pregnant, keeping up with a 3 year old, a 4 year old and getting our home ready for a baby, that I haven't had much time for you!

I think I'll skip the part where I say I'll try to make more time for blogging and I'll try to get this thing updated, and just say, if I blog again before our sweet babies first birthday I'll be happy with that! But let's cut to the chase for today...

They say, third time is a charm, and for this mama of three, I'll say that I have to agree (so far anyway).

After 39 weeks and 1 day of pregnancy on June 17th, 2013 Anderson Matthew entered the world with lungs a blaring at 12:39pm. He weighed in at 9lbs and 3oz and measured 21 inches (ouch, yes, but it's too soon to share that part of the story, too soon)! This I will share, his labor and delivery was quick and went as smooth as it could have (minus the fact that holy cow, I don't want to feel that kind of pain again for a long time, if ever).

Matt, Baby {A}, and I stayed our required 24 hours in the hospital and came home as quickly as we could to the "double" big brother {L}and Big Sis {C} (there really is no place like home).

Nine days have gone by now and I still can't believe my sweet baby boy is here! We've had a wonderful transition into being a family of five. Part of it, I know is experience (this ain't my first rodeo with a newborn) but I also know that a big part of it is God answering my prayers. I know what it's like to bring a baby home and have another baby waiting for you when you get there, so this time I knew what to pray for going into bringing home a baby with two babies at home waiting!

Baby {A} is now 9 days old! I can't believe it.

Cheers to our new life and being a Pastor's Wife and Mama of 3!

The Funny thing about this post is that I wrote it in June of 2013 and must have never clicked "publish." I just logged into my blog for the first time in years, saw it and thought,  "why not put it out there." This just might be the last post this blog of mine ever sees. 

I've been considering wiping the dust off of this old thing for a while now, I'm just not sure if I'd like to update this one or start fresh. Time will tell. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet Channy girl!

Dear Chandler Rae,

It's hard to believe that it's only been 3 years since we welcomed you into the world! 

I really can't remember life without you by my side. Since you were born you've been a total Mama's girl! (Although recently you've been a little bit of a Daddy's girl. I think you're figuring out that you've got him totally wrapped around your finger and that I don't let you get away with near as much as he does). You help me with the dishes, the laundry, and you are such a big help when it comes to picking up around the house. 

You say some of the funniest things I have ever heard! In fact, right now, you're on the potty singing, "It's a Small World." The other day,  I came out of my room in a dress you've never seen before and said, "Mom, you look so beautiful." Just the way you looked at me and said that melted my heart. 

Recently you've started painting your finger and toe nails and you are so very into your clothes and shoes. You pose just like I used to in all your photos too and I love it. I just hope you always remember the most important part of you is who you are on the inside, but when you mix your cuteness on the outside with your sweet, sassy, silly, and smart personality you are the whole package! 

You are so very strong willed and independent which I mostly love. You've always wanted to do everything "all by yourself" especially as you've gotten closer to being 3. You've been picking out and putting on your own clothes for about a year now and you potty trained yourself just after your 2nd birthday!! Your ability to take care of yourself at such a young age amazes me. There really isn't much you can't do, girl! I love it but it also makes me a little sad. I'm so proud of you and so excited for you when you do new things, but I also hope you know I'm here for you no matter what... to button a shirt or to help you reach something high when you can't quite reach it. I tell you all the time, God gave you a mommy to help, teach, and love you through life and I hope you always remember that!!! 

I can't wait to see you as a big sister in action. Baby {A} is going to love you so much. You already love him so much and he's not even here yet. Everyday you talk to him, sing to him, tell him stories, and kiss my belly all over. You tell us that you're going to hold him and love him and even change all his poopy diapers. You're like a little mommy in action already. 

Your big brother loves you so much too. It seems the older you both get the more and more you play and laugh together. I love to listen to you playing together. It melts my heart to hear you guys having fun together. You are both always saying that you're going to marry each other (which is sweet now, but will be gross later, trust me)!

I hope you know just how much your mommy loves you! Watching you play, talking with you, and being silly singing Taylor swift at the top of our lungs in the van brings me so much happiness. While we have our moments of disagreement and when you are tired and hungry you may show a little too much of your sass, I could not imagine our lives without you. 

I love you Channy Rae! Today, and for the next 364 days you are my favorite 3 year old in the world!!! 


Your Mommy Girl 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

We're having another...

So, I'm still committed to keeping off of facebook this year and have had no problem thus far, but I find that in certain situations (like this one)... it's faster, cheaper, and much more convenient to share with family and friends via fb.

It's hardly a secret that we're having another baby, but since we already have a boy and a girl we were going to keep the gender a surprise this time around. Our sweet little babe was not up for keeping this secret though and at a scheduled 12 week ultrasound baby {A} revealed themselves! We had our 20 week appointment and ultrasound earlier this week and it was again confirmed!

Anyhow, we had an awesome friend and her daughter take some super cute pictures revealing the gender of our baby on the way (hey, you never know, this could be our final rodeo, so you better believe I'm doing all that pinterest crap this time around)!

I made up a super cute card and was getting ready to order 100 of them when I decided that I would rather save our time, energy, effort and money and use it for getting ready for our little bundle. So I blogged and I got on facebook for 5 minutes to share it! I'm sure Matt will post more pictures when our babe is born and if I find the time to blog while running a household and raising 3 children, maybe he can share that for me too. But I digress...

And without further ado... we're having another...

BOY or GIRL ???

12 years, where have you gone?
Blue or Pink???

We're headed for the blue! 
Covered in blue silly string! 
The "double" big brother and very proud big sister.
Sporting our mustaches! 
What a family this kid is joining!!
I never imagined myself with a big family, but we certainly are on our way and we're all pretty excited about it!! Landon can hardly contain himself, he's now getting a brother and while Chandler was slightly disappointed at the thought of not having a sister this time around, she quickly realized she will now remain the sole princess in the Sander's household. 

Seriously, what could be better? And to that I say, "CHEERS!"

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So glad I peaced out on fb!

So it's been 9 days since I've been off of facebook and it's amazing, life goes on without it!

I don't miss it and absolutely do not regret following through with this conviction.

Nine days in and I've already almost finished Landon's baby book, organized all of Chandler's baby stuff, so I can finish hers and I've got what I need to start baby A's book too (yes, we have a name)! I've also written out specific prayers to focus on for each of the kids this year (which is something I've been saying I'm going to do since I read Power of a Praying Parent over 3 years ago!) I plan on tracing their hands, writing those prayers on them, lamenting them and placing them in my Bible. After the year is over, I'll do it again and over the years I'll have those prayers to look back on and share with them as they grow up and start families of their own.

Beyond actually getting things done that have been on the "to do" list for years, the daily grind has been a lot more smooth too (or as smooth as it should go with 2 little kids, one on the way, and a husband with a busy schedule). I don't feel so distracted during the day when I'm playing with the kids, cooking dinner, or when my husband gets home from work. I have no need to take 20 minutes out of my precious time to share what I'm doing, where we're going, or what we already did. I don't need to post pictures or keep up with messages or posts I've commented on or liked. I'm focused on what I'm doing or as my College Success professor called it, I'm "being here now," which is a quality you don't find many to have anymore.

This really is the year of getting the things done I've been wanting to get done for so long, letting go of the stuff that just doesn't matter and staying focused on what does!

There are still a few things I want to get in on my routine like reading for pleasure and more physical activity (but seriously if our family could stay healthy and the weather would just quit freaking out, the activity thing would naturally become a lot easier for us)!

I will also admit that I watched The Bachelor on Monday night which is something I probably would not have done had I still been on facebook. In the past, I would've taken a couple hours alone and got lost in the distracting world of clicking, commenting, and liking! Instead, I laid on the couch, put my feet up, turned on 1 of the 7 channels we get (we don't have cable, which also helps keep down the distractions), and guilty pleasured into The Bachelor! Not sure if I'll keep up with it or not, but I'm for sure at least going to try to catch the finale! Ha!

I've realized so much over this short time off of facebook that I don't really feel the need to share with the world what I ate for breakfast.

9 days down and I'm not sure I'll ever go back. Only 356 more days to decide!

Happy New Year!!